Discover BEES coop, Brussels’ first participative supermarket.


This project is supported by citizens wishing to create an alternative to mass food distribution, by offering quality products at affordable prices.

Our values



BEES coop strives to offer its members more affordable groceries, prioritising local producers, working with the local food network and with seasonal produce. BEES coop promotes the farming community that respects mankind and the environment.

la caisse-crop


BEES coop is a social, not-for-profit co-operative, which is managed by and for its members. BEES coop promotes cooperation between consumers and producers.

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Aware of the cultural and social-economic differences of the citizens of Brussels, BEES coop aims to make sustainable produce accessible to the majority. Through food, BEES coop desires to become a platform for meeting new people and exchanging experiences.

The collaborator’s role

This model functions thanks to a ‘triple commitment’ from its members. The collaborator is simultaneously :



By taking out a share, each collaborator becomes an owner of the Co-operative. He/she takes part in the decisions concerning, and the organisation of, the supermarket.



The collaborator commits to working 3 hours per month at the supermarket. The majority of tasks are performed by members, which allows to reduce costs and to construct a dynamic Co-op.



The shop is open solely to its members. BEES coop offers high-quality essential groceries, household products and toiletries, and affordable prices.

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They believe in us

Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

Olivier De Schutter

Special UN Rapporteur on the right to food (2008-2014) and co-president of the international panel of experts on sustainable food systems (IPES-Food).

“… the need to contribute to making sustainable food consumption affordable to all… “


Tom Booth

Founder of La Louve cooperative in Paris

it is a perfect combination of idealism and pragmatism.


Christophe Kevelaer

Adviser in the COOPBURO

“In resting on its members’ mobilisation and active involvement, the BEES Coop ensures that the economy is put in the service of individuals and not the opposite..”


Sylvie Annet

Chargé de mission to the development of networks within BioWallonie

“It is one more tool to promote quality products from our Walloon organic producers, while offering them sustainable market opportunities.”