BEES coop. ( ‘Brussels Ecological, Economical Supermarket) is the first participative supermarket in Brussels. The aim is simple : to build a consumer-based co-operative offering quality products at affordable prices, in a way that is respectful of both producers and the environment. The goal is to create an alternative to the current mass-distribution model, through members’ active participation in the day-to-day running of the store.

The BEES coop project aims to be a friendly haven, open to all, meeting the varying needs and food choices of its members, via :

  • The cooperative supermarket model
  • Being a place which promotes sustainable food products and processing
  • Providing a multi-purpose space open to all its members


Discover the origins behind the inspiration of our project.


Can one be simultaneously owner, worker and customer? Be profitable without seeking profit?


How to make it into a citizens’ agenda, based on solidarity and sustainability?


Know more about the true laboratory of the project

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The supermarket


BEES coop has found premises of 650 m², in Schaerbeek, ready to start work in Spring 2016. The planning permit is ongoing.