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Join BEES coop: the cooperative and participatory supermarket

It is simple to join our adventure and build the BEES project.

We invite you to attend an information session – the dates are available on the website. You can then subscribe to shares in the cooperative. These are the options:


Would you like to be able to shop at BEES coop right from the opening? Become a:

Customer co-operator

 (Part A – individual consumer shares)



  • We invite you to invest € 100, which represents four shares in the cooperative. If you have the means, please purchase more shares to a maximum of 5,000 €. This is a unique and refundable investment [see the Statutes] essential to establish the capital of the cooperative and set up the project. There is no financial return on investment, the cooperative is not profit-making.

  • You commit to participation. From the opening scheduled for late 2016, you work a shift (3 consecutive hours) every 4 weeks. You become a cashier, deal with logistics, restocking, etc. You participate in general meetings and engage with BEES coop strategies.

  • The financial investment should not be a barrier to participation in the BEES project. If 100 € is a significant limitation, we invite you to purchase a minimum of one share at 25 €. You can purchase additional shares later if you wish.

For legal entities (non-profit organization, private limited liability company, etc.) who share the BEES cooperative values and are interested in learning more about (participating in) the project, contact


You share the BEES coop values and you want to support the development of the cooperative? Then become a:

 Supportive co-operator

(Part C – The support share)



  • You can invest in type “C” shares, for € 250 per share to a maximum of € 5,000. C units are an option for people who share BEES values and wish to contribute to the development of the supermarket, but cannot commit to a three hour shift every 4 weeks

  • There is no financial return on investment, the cooperative is not profit-making.
    poursuivant pas de but lucratif.
  • You participate in general meetings and engage with BEES coop strategies.

  • Should you have any further question please read the FAQ page.

If you want to support BEES for an amount greater than € 5,000, you can make a donation. Contact us via

If you still have questions check our FAQ page.

You can also read the financial plan, the bylaws of the cooperative as well as the cooperative internal regulation. All these documents are available in French.

Are you interested in joining us but still not sure have a look at the infographic ‘Suis-je BEES ?’ 


The co-operator’s funding and investment will build and sustain the project. 

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Public offering – BEES coop certified by Label FairFin

Your money contributes to your values
“Financité & FairFin -promotes an environmentally and socially responsible approach to money, and strives for a just society.”


The Brussels economic and social ecological Co – op BEES SCRLfs – is accredited National Cooperation Council.

We fundraise no more than € 500,000 over 12 month period in compliance with Belgian law. The maximum investment amount per co-operator is limited to € 5,000. Browse the FAQ on our website for more information.