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BEES coop launches  coop-funding !

It has been two years since the start of the Bees coop adventure. Today, the cooperative counts 1100 cooperators and a warehouse that is being transformed into a supermarket. In order to continue building this utopia to we need build up funds and to increase our capital. That is why we launched ‘coop-funding’!

What is ‘coop-funding’?

‘Coopfunding’ means investing some of your capital (money) in a project that you believe in. You believe, as we do, that we should all put our rights on our plates and that fair remuneration for producers is tomorrow’s challenge. Every euro invested means we can borrow less money from the banks and increase our independence.

Practically, there are two options to invest:

  • Simply buy more ‘part A’ shares than required to become a working member of the cooperative. Over 1100 people have bought ‘Part A’ shares to join the Coop and be able to do their shopping. However, you are free to invest more than the minimum amount requested.
  • Alternatively, if you want to invest, but not take active part in the Coop or shop in the store, you can invest in ‘Part C’ shares.

To know more on how to invest in Bees coop click here (text in French).

Part C Support Shares? 

Part C shares cost 250€ each to a maximum of 5000€ (20 shares).

  • There is no financial return on your investment as the coop is a non-profit organisation.
  • At general assemblies, just like Part A cooperators, ‘Support’ cooperators are invited to participate in strategic decision-making.
  • Thanks to Tax Shelter for start-ups, you are eligible for tax credits for 30% of your investment (if you keep your shares for at least 4 years).
  • Read the FAQs if you still have questions.
  • You can also have a look at the financial plan, the cooperative statutes and the cooperative internal code of conduct (all documents are in French).

Part C shares, also called ‘support shares’ are not donations but financial investments of a minimum of one year in order to ensure the financial sustainability for the project. After a year, you may withdraw your support, however, the cooperative has a legal prerogative to take up to 24 months to return the investment (in order to guarantee the stability of the coop).